2017-2018 ICCSSA Board

Anthony Bielski, President (EICC)
Kris Olds, President Elect (DMACC)
Sara Clayton, Past President (DMACC)
Jodi Kremer, Secretary (NICC)
Chris Entringer, Treasurer (NICC)
Sheila Becker, Member at Large (NICC)
Heidi Hudson, Member at Large (HCC)
Samantha Reeves, Member at Large (DMACC)

Lisa Ciesielski, Advising/Admissions Sub-Group Chair (HCC)

Morris Pounds, Career Services Sub-Group Co-Chair (KCC)
Danielle Ebaugh, Career Services Sub-Group Co-Chair (KCC)
Gary Herrig, Counseling Sub-Group Chair (NIACC)
Samantha Reeves, Disability Services Sub-Group Chair (ICCC)
Pat East, Registrar/Registration Sub-Group Co-Chair (HCC)

Mardell Mommsen, Registrar/Registration Sub-Group Co-Chair (EICC)

Kristin Brown, Residence Life Sub-Group Chair (NIACC)

Jodi Kremer, TRIO Sub-Group Chair (NICC)

Kris Olds, Webmaster (DMACC)


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