2019-2020 ICCSSA Board

Greta Giese, President & Campus Life Sub-Group Chair (NWICC)

Tiffany Dodd, President-Elect (HCC)
Kris Olds, Past-President (DMACC)

Chris Entringer, Treasurer (NICC)
Samantha Reeves, Secretary & Disability Services Sub-Group Chair (ICCC)

Rachel Evans, Member at Large & Career Services Sub-Group Chair (HCC)
Kyle Haiman, Member at Large (HCC)

Kari Kaufman, Member at Large (HCC)
Lisa Ciesielski, Advising/Admissions Sub-Group Chair (HCC)

Anthony Bielski, Concurrent Enrollment/High School Relations Sub-Group Chair (EICC)

Gary Herrig, Counseling Sub-Group Chair (NIACC)
Joni Kelley, Registrar/Registration Sub-Group Co-Chair (IHCC)

Mardell Mommsen, Registrar/Registration Sub-Group Co-Chair (EICC)

Jodi Kremer, TRIO Sub-Group Chair (NICC)

Sara Clayton, Webmaster (DMACC)


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