More Spring Drive-In Information!


ICCSSA is proud to invite Debra Salz as our Spring Drive-In Keynote Speaker.

Debra has been training and coaching since 1993 and is known for her contagious enthusiasm and extreme attention to detail.
She is an experienced trainer, facilitator, coach,presenter and inspirational speaker at the national,regional and state convention levels.

Debra works with local and national, small and large companies and civic organizations forming partnerships between those she works with and for. Her main priority is how she can assist people to “get where they want and need to go.”

Debra is the President and Owner of Prevention Services & Strategies, a consulting and training company located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is a licensed Social Worker through the state of Iowa. She earned her BA Degree from Buena Vista University
and her AA Degree from North Iowa Area Community College.

A description of the keynote address is found below:

Change is all around us, yet people and professionals continue to struggle when change faces them in their lives.  Through this educational and engaging session, Debra will help you and your team members find the road to success in transitioning with change successfully! 

Focus Areas:

· Clarify what is change, how people act to avoid change, exposing irrational beliefs people have about change, and benefits gained from accepting change.

· Expose the 6 stages of change and the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors associated with each stage.

· Identify the roles that attitude, perception, focus, and reframing have in identifying and embracing change.

· Share 10 take-away tips for dealing with change, which each participant can reference; assisting them on a successful journey of proactive behaviors to achieve professional success.

Uncover the positive influence each participant has in empowering themselves to make a successful transition and achieve success for themselves and the customers they serve.


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