Pre-Conference Overview

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ICCSSA is proud to announce that Jim Hayes will be joining us at the presenter for our pre-conference session on Oct. 3rd. Jim is an Associate Dean with responsibilities as an Adjunct Instructor for the Religion Department and as the Director of the Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning (CVIL) at Simpson College.  His life has been blessed with opportunities to teach, write, minister, and preach. He also has experience in motivational speaking, pastoral and campus ministry, leading retreats and workshops, adult learning and training programs, civic engagement advocacy, and consulting.  He shares life with his spouse Sarah and daughters Hannah and Katharine.

Jim will be presenting on the following topic:

“What’s your Why?” 

Why do you do what you do?  Are you satisfied with your work?  Does what you do matter? Finding your rhythm isn’t an accident.  It takes work to explore our personal and communal calling. This workshop will provide space to revisit how and why we became involved in higher education, along with exercises and conversation to explore how we can keep that original fire burning throughout our career.

Don’t forget to register soon for this exciting session!



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